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Children's Theatre Workshop (CTW) is a class offered in the Department of Communication, Media and Theatre designed to cover all aspects of production and culminating in a performance for elementary or middle school students.

For reservations to the fall production by Stage Center's Children's Theatre Workshop please email Ann Hartdegen at:

FALL 2017

by cynthia Mercati

6 November - 8 December, 2017
Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 10:00 a.m.


“What is your reason for coming to America?”

Maria, a 17 year old immigrant from Italy in 1917: “In America women can have more … life. In America a woman can get a job, can choose who to marry ... or not marry.”

Halima, a 17 year old refugee from Afghanistan in 2017: “My father was killed by the Taliban.  What is my reason for coming to America?  Not to be scared anymore.”

Faces of Freedom traces the history of immigration to American through the stories of child and adolescent immigrants and refugees.  From Italy, Vietnam, El Salvador, Liberia, Bosnia, Guyana, Mexico and Afghanistan they tell wonderful and terrible stories with grace and humor.  Like the European immigrants before them, and like all Americans, they are searching for Freedom. 

This production is suitable for Grades 6-12.



SILk road stories
based on tales by rumi, saadi, attar

08 March - 26 April, 2018
Tuesday and Thursday at 10:00 a.m.


For more than 1500 years the “Silk Road” brought trade goods - especially silk and horses - from Asia to Europe. And on those long journeys people told stories - of exotic lands, of people and sights never seen in the western world.  

Jalal ad-Din Rumi, Saadi Shirazi and Farid ad-Din Attar were 13th century Persian Muslim poets and scholars. These writers were already well known in what is now Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan, India: the Silk Road introduced their writing and poetry to Medieval Europe.   

Silk Road Stories introduces children to a few of these stories. By turns funny and dramatic, the tales range from how to recognize an elephant in the dark to the importance of kindness and charity. 

This production is suitable for grades K-5

Tickets: $3 per Student; Teachers and Chaperones: free

To book a school performance please contact:    AB Hartdegen at:


Children's Theatre Workshop (CTW) productions are the creation of two courses offered by the Communication, Media and Theatre Department:

  • CMTT 350: CTW for Elementary School
  • CMTT 351: CTW for Middle and High School

Each semester students enrolled in CTW mount a play for children and young people. NEIU students work on all aspects of the production: performance, design, management. For more than 25 years thousands of local students have attended performances every year. 

CTW play choices are subject to change in order to meet the needs of NEIU students enrolled in the courses.


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