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Your gift can change a student's life - forever.

Charitable giving is a very personal decision. Donors express their own values and vision for the world through the causes they support. 

When you choose to support Northeastern Illinois University through your contributions to the NEIU Foundation, you express your own values and vision. You may support the University's broader mission, or you may decide to give to a college or program that personally resonates with you. We invite you to explore all the ways you may direct your gift and all the levels of giving available to you. Know that you are an important partner in building our future. 

The Leader Fund

Our cornerstone fund provides the NEIU Foundation with the ability to capitalize on opportunities, to foster excellence in its operations and to meet unanticipated needs throughout the year. Through this fund, students are supported as they present their research around the country and world, faculty are provided additional resources for their scholarly work, and classrooms are enhanced with new technology and learning resources.


An endowment is a sizeable fund of money invested by the NEIU Foundation to produce interest income. The principal investment remains untouched, while the annual interest earned supports a variety of purposes, including student scholarships, faculty support and University-wide programs and activities. Your endowed gift makes a difference every year as it grows over time. Learn more about creating and supporting endowments.

Your College

You may direct your gift to support the specific area of the University of greatest interest to you. Our colleges, and their departments and programs, have a wide range of funding opportunities including scholarship, programming and faculty support. 

Corporate support and Sponsorships

There are many areas within Northeastern Illinois University that intersect with the corporate community. We invite our corporate friends to investigate the options available for partnership and sponsorship. Our Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations is ready to help fulfill mutual goals.

Planned Giving: Wills, Bequests, Charitable Gift Annuities and Charitable Remainder Trusts

Planned gifts of will, bequest or trust provide inspiring and flexible ways to make your gift to Northeastern. Some options can provide you with annual income. Many planned giving vehicles can reduce your taxes. Above all, they provide options that allow you to make a gift larger than you may have thought possible.

We strongly encourage all of our donors to seek appropriate legal and financial counsel. Information provided here is only an overview of the options available to you.

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