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Welcome to the homepage of the Department of Biology at Northeastern Illinois University.

Are you interested in the learning about the world around you?  The Biology Department at Northeastern Illinois University can give you the tools to ask and answer those pressing questions that interest you.  Biology is the study of living organisms (bacteria, protozoans, fungi, algae, plants and animals); our students have the opportunity to learn about these organisms at the molecular, cellular, organismal and ecological levels.

The Biology Department has accredited programs for the Biology Major (B.S. – Biology), the Biology Minor, the Secondary Education/Biology Double Major (B.A. – Secondary Education/B.S. – Biology) and the Biology Graduate Degree (M.S. – Biology). 

Why choose the Biology Department at Northeastern:

  • You will engage directly with faculty in a small classroom or laboratory setting.
  • You will develop relevant laboratory techniques, using updated equipment in renovated labs, through our intensive laboratory-based curriculum.
  • You can use those lab skills, gained in the classroom, to take on a research project with our faculty in a wide range of specializations.
  • You can customize your education to meet your career objectives through our flexible curriculum.

Whether you’re interested in a career in the biotechnology, health sciences, ecology, botany or zoology fields or if we are on your path to an advanced degree in medical, veterinary, pharmacy or graduate school, the Biology Department at Northeastern Illinois University is ready to give you the tools to succeed.


Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff

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