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Scholarships create strong foundations for students.

The Northeastern student is like no other.

Our students work hard, balance full-time jobs with full-time classes, navigate new lands and cultures and raise their families, all while working to better their lives through education. With you - our alums, friends, neighbors, students and their families - the NEIU Foundation strives to build privately funded scholarships that can support Northeastern students for years to come. Students with academic abilities who demonstrate financial need are able to apply for scholarships that match their areas of study or their interests. In this way, we connect our donors' goals to our students' needs.

Nearly 90 percent of Northeastern students receive some form of financial aid. Scholarships help to ease financial weight and allow our students to graduate with little to no debt. The Foundation offers nearly 150 scholarships, with almost all open to all students, no matter their citizenship status, culture or other demographic. 

NEIU Foundation Scholarship Opportunities Brochure

These scholarships were created by students, parents, professors, staff and others, motivated by memories of their loved ones or favorite University programs. Learn more about how you can establish a scholarship and how your scholarship can transform the life of a Northeastern student. 


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