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Graduate in gown with daughter wearing cap, both smiling.
Northeastern is ready. Northeastern is worthy. And the time is now.

Giving to the NEIU Foundation today makes an immediate and significant impact on our students and an even larger impact on you, our donors and friends. Through private giving, you are able to impact University programs and departments influencing their industries and creating leaders in their fields.

Annually, the Foundation is able to support more than 300 students with scholarships - scholarships that can change the trajectory of a student's academic career. Private giving also provides alumni and friends the opportunity to invest in innovation and creativity in their departments or programs. 

These monumental goals can't be reached without donors and friends who want to help transform student lives through giving. 

Named as one of the Midwest's "Best Investments," along with MIT, Harvard and Stanford, Northeastern and the NEIU Foundation strive to effectively and affordably contribute to the education of our students, so they leave our University with a world-class education and minimal or no debt!  We partner with you to build scholarships and other education-enhancing support that allows our students to reach graduation, study abroad, conduct research and present at national conferences, and partner with reputable, established institutions on real-world projects and issues. 

Your gifts help to prepare our students to “learn in the city, and lead in the world,” and we thank you for being a part!

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