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Since 1996, graduating seniors have made it a tradition to support the Class Gift Fund, one of Northeastern’s largest scholarship funds.

The Northeastern tradition is that graduates make a parting gift that leaves behind a lasting impact and gives other students the opportunity to succeed. This year we are asking for a gift of $20.17 to commemorate the Class of 2017. No matter the size of your contribution, the Class Gift is special because it is for students, from students.

Last year was the 20th anniversary of the Class Gift and we raised an all-time high of more than $5,350 for student scholarships. We can definitely do better than that! Let's outshine last year's record and aim for $7,000! #RoadTo7k

Commemorate your graduation and support a special fund that is for students, from students. Leave your legacy as the largest giving graduating class.

Donate to 2017!

class gift scholarship

Since 1996, graduating seniors have made it a tradition to support the Class Gift Fund, one of the largest scholarship funds at NEIU. Do you believe you are the next lucky recipient of the Class Gift Scholarship? We are currently awarding four student scholarships a year at $400 per award.

Download or pick up a Class Gift Scholarship application from the Office of Alumni Relations. 

Class Gift Scholarship Application

2017 Class Gift Honor Roll

Since its beginning, graduating seniors have participated in the Class Gift to raise funds for student scholarships. Your gift gives other Northeastern Illinois University students the opportunity to succeed. Thank you for leaving your legacy at Northeastern Illinois University.

Holly Houghton -              Class Gift Representative Spring 2017

Stephanie Navarette -   Class Gift Committee Spring 2017

Diamond Barnes -           Class Gift Committee Spring 2017

Ariel Otero -          Class Gift Committee Spring 2017

Shamsa Islam -          
Class Gift Committee Spring 2017

Stephanie Fine -    
Class Gift Committee Spring 2017

DeMara Campbell -        Class Gift Committee Spring 2017


Charles D. Baygood Josef Mayer Norma Mendez

Jason Merrill

Veronika Gaidadzisova

Linda Becker

Dorothea Smith

Nicolas Leyba

Cynthia Chau

Jessica Mueller

Jennifer Blair

Mayra Sanchez-Alvarez

Daniela Ferrantelli

Tevin Williams

Geoffrey Malone

Liesl Downey

Alba Galarza

Daniel DeLeon

Martha Olmos

William Shehan

Grace Leonard

David Velzaquez

Christina Baggett

Enrique Paredes

Vivien Jackson

Sainsanaa Enkhbaatar

Ana Guzman

Cherie Formacion

Amy Rubinberg

Maryam Ajideh

Dylan Nishioka

Megan Reichardt

Terri Pittman

Kimberly Forrester

Elaine Spencer

Aaron Zack

Ahouefa Sognonvi

Barber Weiner

Anthony Meo

Oscar Ortega-Melquiades

Vincentia Orran

Jessica Moen

Melissa Baree

Tasiana Villalobos

Rolando Zavala

Monica Chaparro

Carly Gelb

Noemi Reyes

James Mosley

Selenne Dominguez

Teela Williams

Shirley Caruso

Diamond Barnes

Regina Hawthorne

George Mason 

Yennifer Reyes

Fernando Alvarez

Zainab Akubat

Heman Miller Jr. 

Ilan Hulkours

James Morgan

Grace Itter

Quentrice Norris

Mark Hedman

Andrea Contreras

Juanita Marquez

Jon Fallon

Eliot Gelb

Peggy Tameling



Class Gift Giving History

As of June 28, 2017, the Class of 2017 gave 72 gifts and raised $1,749.62. Let's keep up the great work!

Class Year Participants Total Class Gift
2017 72 $1,749.62
2016 204 $5,359.17
2015 222 $5322.01
2014 114 $3,008.78
2013 136 $3,223.56
2012 38 $764.00
2011 22 $934.58
2010 9 $420.00
2009 12 $1492.90
2008 18 $720.00
2007 21 $683.00
2006 41 $1278.00
2005 42 $1088.00
2004 63 $1840.00
2003 78 $2836.00
2002 80 $2870.00


Office of Alumni Relations

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Office of Alumni Relations

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