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Rachel Burton portrait image

Rachel Burton

Music and Dance
(773) 442-5941
FA 141C
Peter Chang portrait image

Peter Chang

Music History, Instrumental Music Performance Advisor
Music and Dance
(773) 442-5914
FA 135
Shayne Cofer portrait image

Shayne Cofer

Acting Associate Provost
Academic Affairs
(773) 442-5919
C 102
Kathy Cowan portrait image

Kathy Cowan

Applied Voice
Music and Dance
(773) 442-5912
FA 123
Giuseppa DiCesare portrait image

Giuseppa DiCesare

Manager of Operations - Ensemble Español
(773) 442-5916
J Building, 111
Steven Duncan portrait image

Steven Duncan

Applied Trombone
Music and Dance
(773) 442-5900
FA 128
Jamie Farrell portrait image

Jamie Farrell

Dance Coordinator and Advisor
Music and Dance
(773) 442-5983
FA 141C
Benjamin Firer portrait image

Benjamin Firer

Orchestra Director
(773) 442-5816
Sasha Gerritson portrait image

Sasha Gerritson

Musical Theatre & Opera Director, Aural Training, Recruitment and Scholarship Coordinator
Music and Dance
(773) 442-5906
FA 134
Jaime Gorgojo portrait image

Jaime Gorgojo

Applied Violin and Viola, Director of Chicago String Festival
Music and Dance
(773) 442-5939
FA 123
Travis M. Heath portrait image

Travis Heath

Chairperson, Applied Trumpet, Applied Brass, NEIU Wind Ensemble Director
Music and Dance
(773) 442-5917
FA 129
Robert Heitzinger portrait image

Robert Heitzinger

Applied Voice, Vocal Pedagogy, Vocal Repertoire, Vocal Music Performance Advisor, Graduate Advisor, Head of Voice
Music and Dance
(773) 442-5929
FA 120
Kay Kim portrait image

Kay Kim

Collaborative Piano, Accompanying
Music and Dance
(773) 442-5903
FA 130
Paula Kosower portrait image

Paula Kosower

Applied Cello
Music and Dance
(773) 442-5900
Jeffrey Kowalkowski portrait image

Jeffrey Kowalkowski

Theory and Composition
Music and Dance
(773) 442-5911
FA 121
Tina Laughlin portrait image

Tina Laughlin

Applied Percussion
Music and Dance
(773) 442-5942
FA 113
Lyon Leifer portrait image

Lyon Leifer

Applied Flute
Music and Dance
(773) 442-5900
FA 132
Elyse Mach portrait image

Elyse Mach

Class Piano, Emeritus
(773) 442-5913
Fine Arts, 136
Nelson Mandrell portrait image

Nelson Mandrell

Music Theory, Composition, Music Technology, Music Minor Advisor
(773) 442-5936
Fine Arts, 133
Anna Mayne portrait image

Anna Mayne

Applied French horn
Music and Dance
(773) 442-5900
Fine Arts, 121
Lucia Marchi portrait image

Lucia Marchi

(773) 442-5900
Fine Arts, 128
Christie Miller portrait image

Christie Miller

Director of Cultural Events
Music and Dance
(773) 442-4978
Library, 408
Sylvia Myintoo portrait image

Sylvia Myintoo

Music Fundamentals and Area Studies
(773) 442-5931
Fine Arts, 136
Christopher Owen portrait image

Christopher Owen

Chorus Conductor; K-12 Music Education Advisor (vocal)
Music and Dance
(773) 442-5923
FA 137
Jorge Pérez portrait image

Jorge Pérez

Executive Director, Ensemble Español; Spanish Dance
(773) 442-5904
J Building, 112
Katherine Petersen portrait image

Katherine Petersen

Applied Voice
(773) 442-5907
Fine Arts, 125
David Reminick portrait image

David Reminick

Applied Saxophone
Music and Dance
(773) 442-5900
Fine Arts, 132
William Russell portrait image

William Russell

Applied Tuba
Fine Arts
Greg Sarchet portrait image

Greg Sarchet

Applied Double Bass
(773) 442-5900
Fine Arts, 132
Lydia Snow portrait image

Lydia Snow

Music Education
(773) 442-5931
Fine Arts, 136
Augustine Solanki portrait image

Augustine Solanki

Administrative Assistant
Music and Dance
(773) 442-5932
Fine Arts, 119
Rose Sperrazza portrait image

Rose Sperrazza

Applied Clarinet, Instrumental Music Education Advisor
Music and Dance
(773) 442-5902
Fine Arts, 122
Venetia Stifler portrait image

Venetia Stifler

Music and Dance
(773) 442-5918
Fine Arts, 131
Irma Suarez Ruiz portrait image

Irma Suarez Ruiz

Associate Artistic Director, Ensemble Español; Spanish Dance
(773) 442-5926
J Building, 112
Susan Tang portrait image

Susan Tang

Applied Piano, Piano Performance Advisor, Director of Chicago Piano Festival
Music and Dance
(773) 442-5905
Fine Arts, 117
Mayo Tiana portrait image

Mayo Tiana

Jazz Ensembles Director
(773) 442-5943
Fine Arts, 138
Brian Torosian portrait image

Brian Torosian

Applied Guitar
Music and Dance
(773) 442-5909
Fine Arts, 130
Angela Weber portrait image

Angela Weber

Applied Voice
(773) 442-5939
Fine Arts, 123

Music and Dance

Faculty and Staff

T (773) 442-5900

Faculty and Staff

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