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Guide for Northeastern Faculty and Staff

The Undocumented Students Project created a resource guide for Northeastern Illinois University's faculty and staff to ensure everyone at Northeastern provides our undocumented students with the tools and resources they need to successfully pursue their education. Browse through our Undocumented Student Resource Guide for information and resources aimed to benefit students, families, faculty, staff, and the external community.


It often occurs that departments and offices across Northeastern’s locations are interested in hiring undocumented students but are unsure if they are able to do so. Here are some general guidelines to help you determine whether an undocumented student can be employed in your office or department. 

Some undocumented students are elegible to work in the United States if they have been approved for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), which is a policy directive from the Department of Homeland Security to grant qualifying individuals a temporary permit to stay and work in the U.S. It is important to look at the source of the funds before you attempt to hire an undocumented student:

  • Undocumented students are not eligible for and cannot participate in federally funded programs. For example, if the position is a Work Study position, the undocumented student is not eligible for that position.
  • If the position is paid through Student Aide or Extra Help, you may be able to hire the student.

If an NEIU undocumented student has DACA, the student is able to work legally in the United States and can be hired by your department, UNLESS:

  • The source of the funds imposes citizenship requirements on those who can be hired.
  • The job or program for which you would like to hire the student is federally funded.

If the student is NOT DACAmented, there may be other ways to compensate the student for their work such as awards, tuition waivers and scholarships!

To learn more about DACA and other federal and state laws affecting undocumented students refer to our Resource Guide. If after reading this information you have questions or concerns about hiring an undocumented student, do not hesitate to contact the Undocumented Students Project at

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