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The Economic Inequality Initiative at Northeastern Illinois University is a partnership between the College of Arts and Sciences and the Division of Student Affairs.

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Based on a fundamental belief that Higher Education institutions have a responsibility to engage our students and communities in assembling the knowledge and skills to effectively address social problems, the overarching goal of the initiative is to enhance the learning environment and to support student success, while preparing students for lives of informed civic engagement. 

Additional objectives include:

  • To help students think about and take action to confront the complex causes of growing economic inequality
  • To create curricular and co-curricular connections across disciplines and units that address social needs 
  • To foster and expand university-community partnerships to address economic inequality and support economic and community development in the local communities adjacent to Northeastern’s campuses
  • To strengthen support systems for students struggling with issues related to economic inequality
  • To support student learning by adopting and expanding high-impact educational practices, including undergraduate research, service learning, and community based learning
  • To increase student engagement and participation in civic life,  through increased levels of voter registration, voting, and involvement in campus and community organizations
  • To collaborate with others on campus to address the deepening equity divides that impact on the retention and success of many Northeastern students

A cohort of two and four year ADP and TDC member institutions have joined a three year initiative to understand the impact of economic inequality on our democracy. The goal of this initiative is to help students think about and take action to confront the complex causes of growing economic inequality. 

For general information about the Economic Inequality Initiative contact Katrina Bell-Jordan at or Kris Pierre at

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