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Past Events

October 2017

"Pragmatic Petroleum Management Post Nationalization of Iranian Oil"
A lecture by Mr. Ghobad Fakhimi

Mr. Fakhimi discussed his 30 years as one of the high-ranking executives and member of the governors of the National Iranian Oil Company, and his book, "Thirty Years Iran Oil: From Nationalization to Islamic Revolution." 

February 2018 

A screening of the documentary "A Dying King: The Shah of Iran" and post-film discussion with director Bobak Kalhor.

By unraveling the secrecy surrounding this critical period of history, beginning from the onset of the Shah’s illness, to the diagnosis/misdiagnosis and maltreatment, “A Dying King” exposes the main causes of the Iranian Revolution, the pursuant 444-day hostage crisis and the adversarial relations between the U.S and Iran.

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