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Full-Time, Marketing and Management Professor, Assistant Professor
Management and Marketing
College of Business and Management
Courses Taught 
MNGT 370 Principles of Management
MNGT 371 Organizational Behavior
MNGT 373 Human Resource Management
MNGT 474 Human Resources Policy and Decision Making
Research Interests 
His research focuses on the work-non work interface and the impact of technology use on employee well-being (e.g., cyberloafing, work-home boundary, work breaks).

• Ph.D.   Linder College of Business, University of Cincinnati,  Cincinnati, OH,  Management

• M.A.   Moore School of Business, University of South Carolina,  Columbia, SC,  Human Resources

• B.A.   College of Business, Seoul National University,  Seoul, Korea,  Business Administation

Selected Publications 

Kim, S.D. (2018).  Managing Millennials' Personal Use of Technology at Work.  Business Horizon.

Kim, S.D. & Christensen. A.L. (2017).  The Dark and Bright Sides of Personal Use of Technology at Work: A Job Demands-Resources Model.  Human Resource Development Review.

Kim, S.D. & Hollensbe, E.C. (2017).  Work Interrupted: A Closer Look at work Boundary Permeability.  Management Research Review.

Kim, S.D. & Hollensbe, E.C. (2017).  When Work Comes Home: Technology-Related Pressure and Home Support.  Human Resource Development International.

Kim, S.D.,  Bologna, D., Furst-Holloway, S., Hollensbe, E.C., Masterson, S.S., & Sprinkle, T. (2014).  Taking a Break via Technology? Triggers, Nature and Effects of "Online" Work Breaks, Academy of Management Annual Meetings Best Papers Proceedings.

Kim, S.D., Hollensbe, E.C., Schwoerer, C.S., & Halbesleben, J. (2015). dynamics of a Wellness Program: A Conservation of Resources Perspective.  Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, 20(1), 62-71.


Business and Management


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