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Welcome to the Department of Accounting, Business Law, and Finance.


Accounting is the language of business. Employees of small and large organizations must understand basic accounting principles. The knowledge of debits and credits, financial statements, and accounting information systems is basic for all business activities. Accounting majors must, of course, be well grounded in accounting theory and practice. Many accounting majors sit for the Uniformed Certified Public Accountant (C.P.A.) Examination and embark on meaningful careers in the public accounting field. Some accounting majors also seek to take the Certified Management Accountant major associated with it.

Business Law

Business Law constitutes the protocols for managerial action. Business Law courses offered at Northeastern are not a pre-law program and are not intended to be preparation for law school.


Finance is the study of value. Using basic principles from the fields of accounting, economics, and statistics, finance involves analysis of financial institutions, financial markets, and financial concepts. Finance majors can emphasize the study of markets or the study of financial management practices in their coursework. The financial services field has exploded with new kinds of products and services, creating a need for individuals to seek new financial and investment instruments and services and to manage the entities which provide them. Banking, stock brokerage, commodities/futures/options trading, and financial planning and analysis are traditional areas where finance majors find employment. Frequently, finance majors are sought for entry-level positions in the allied fields of real estate and insurance.

For more information about the department, contact the Office Administrator, Dee K. Buetow-Kimpel, at or (773) 442-6141, or the Department Chair, Dr. Stijepko Tokic at or (773) 442-4757.

How to Become a Major

The following majors are offered in the ABF department.

  • Accounting
  • Finance

Students are encouraged to supplement their majors with relevant minors from the following options.

  • Accounting
  • Finance


The Program Advisement Office provides centralized advisement to students who wish to enroll in undergraduate business courses.

Northeastern’s Academic Advising will help you fulfill general education requirements.

For general Northeastern admission requirements, the Admissions Office helps new and returning students through the process. In addition, the Transfer Center assists transfer and veteran students with transitioning to NEIU.


A variety of scholarships are available for students in the College of Business and Management. For more information contact the College of Business and Management, Office of the Dean at (773) 442-6134 or email us at

Clubs & Organizations

The Financial Management Association is the Northeastern Chapter of the Financial Management Association International. This organization creates awareness among students about careers and other opportunities in the field of finance.

Accounting Associates sponsors lectures and other activities on campus. It is a useful forum for students to interact with each other as well as network with individuals in the accounting profession.

Read more details and contact information for student clubs at the College of Business and Management

The Office of Student Leadership Development houses other clubs and organizations to meet the interests of students on campus.

Accounting, Business Law and Finance

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