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Michael Bedell Ph.D. portrait image

Michael Bedell

Dean, Full-Time
Management and Marketing
(773) 442-6150
CBM 184
Nont Dhiensiri portrait image

Nont Dhiensiri

Associate Dean, Full-Time, Accounting Business Law and Finance
College of Business and Management
(773) 442-6171
CBM 187
Diana Valdez portrait image

Diana Valdez

Assistant to the Dean
CBM 186
Vladimir Fernandez portrait image

Vladimir Fernandez

Coordinator of Advising and Outreach
College of Business and Management
(773) 442-6112
CBM 173
Imelda Yabes portrait image

Imelda Yabes

Program Advisor
College of Business and Management
(773) 442-6115
CBM 159
Sarah L. Griffin portrait image

Sarah Griffin

Program Advisor
CBM 159
Irene Alikakos portrait image

Irene Alikakos

Program Advisor
(773) 442-5605
CBM 159
Charletta F. Gutierrez portrait image

Charletta Gutierrez

Graduate Programs Coordinator, Full-Time, Accounting Business Law and Finance
CBM 180
Stijepko Tokic portrait image

Stijepko Tokic

Department Chair, J.D., LL.M.
Accounting, Business Law and Finance
(773) 442-4757
CBM 174
Jian Li Ph. D. portrait image

Jian Li

Department Chair
CBM 179
Alex Gonzalez portrait image

Alex Gonzalez

Office Support Associate
College of Business and Management
CBM 184
Dwan (Dee) K. Buetow-Kimpel portrait image

Dwan (Dee) Buetow-Kimpel

Office Administrator
(773) 442-6141
Northeastern Illinois University
Cristina Joe portrait image

Cristina Joe

Office Manager
College of Business and Management
(773) 442-5630
CBM 184
Michael Kloss portrait image

Michael Kloss

Office Administrator
CBM 178

Business and Management

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