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Project Success
Project Success


Project Success is an academic engagement program that historically, and continues, to serve African-American and first-generation students as they transition from high school to Northeastern. Students in Project Success are provided with personal and academic support programs and services designed to enhance learning and development, as well as ease the academic and social transition to Northeastern.

Project Success students receive:

  • An Academic Advisor trained to support minority and first-generation students.
  • Programs that help you stay in college and get good grades.
  • Social programs that connect you to other students and fun things to do on campus.
  • Academic skills building courses and workshops that help you become a stronger student.
  • Scholarships for new and current students.

How to Apply/Admission Requirements

Eligible applicants for admission will meet the following academic requirements:

  • Rank in the lower 50% of graduating class, AND
  • ACT composite score of 15-18, AND
  • A minimum of a 2.0 cumulative GPA

To apply, you must submit an application and fee, along with all documents and materials identified in the ‘Freshman Applicants’ portion of the Northeastern admission application. For more information about the program, please call(773) 442-4980.

Contact Information:

Project Success

Contact Project Success

T (773) 442-4980

Contact Project Success

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