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We are here to support you with your career goals.

NEIU Online Job Board-  Click here to access the College Central Network

We encourage students to explore jobs in real-world settings, through occupational research and informational interviews, job shadowing, volunteering opportunities, and internships.

We can help you find internship opportunities to explore career options. We offer resume critiquing, interview preparation, and workshops to polish your professional skills. We keep you informed on the job market by offering listserv notices, a Facebook page, and listings of on- and off-campus job fairs. (See the Quick Links at the bottom for some useful websites to assist you in your job/internship search.)

Prepare For Your Job Search by Checking Out the Following Handouts :

Career Search Approach: Guide to an Effective Job Search
Sample Guides, Resumes & Cover Letters 
Interviewing Strategies

Accepting Offers

Writing A Resignation Letter

What is a Career Vitae (CV)

We look forward to the opportunity to assist you with your career goals.

Career Development Center

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