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Nancy Lu Rosenheim: Driftless: Can't See the Forest for the Trees

February 9th-March 13th, 2015

Reception: Friday February 20th, 6-9pm

Artist Talk: Thursday March 5th, 3pm

Rosenheim's work projects the viewer into a world where the beauty of nature collides with the feeling that something has gone awry. In an essay for the exhibition Alex Jovanovich describes her work as:
"effigies of nature-cruel yet thoughtfully conceived artworks based on an irrevocably damaged environment that is irritated and out for revenge. But please: don't take her for some mordant doomsayer. She's just calling it like she feels it, channeling the spirits of our fraught and contaminated time, like a good artist should, and creating a family of weird and tenderly wrought things that are rich, disturbing and lovely."
Brochure available in gallery or by request.

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