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What is Solidarity?

"Solidarity is action […] Claiming ‘ally’ as an identity and then using it to shield oneself from the criticism of those one says they’re an ‘ally’ to is the opposite of solidarity." - Mia McKenzie

McKenzie pushes us to think about the way(s) in which we are complicit in working against the groups of people who we wish to support and work with. It is important to listen and comprehend that solidarity is not temporary. Building solidarity should also not be motivated by personal guilt or shame, but through mutual consent, trust, accountability, and struggle towards liberation.

In order to be in solidarity with Undocumented Students we must (but is not limited to):

  • Learn about the circumstances and experiences that undocumented students and their families may encounter every day
  • Become knowledgeable about Northeastern’s policies and practices that affect undocumented students
  • Take an active role in creating a welcoming and optimal learning environment for students at Northeastern
  • Magnify the voices of Undocumented Students

Ultimately, solidarity requires your unconditional commitment to actively support and work with Undocumented Students in order to make Northeastern a safe and inviting place.

Building Solidarity with Undocumented Students

The Undocumented Student Ally Training is designed to provide faculty and staff with information and resources to better assist undocumented students at Northeastern. This program was modeled after nationally recognized ally training programs for the LGBTQA+ community.

These training sessions are offered twice each semester and focuses on the roles, expectations, and responsibilities of becoming an effective advocate for undocumented students. We discuss state and federal legislation that affects undocumented students; Northeastern’s admissions, financial aid guidelines, processes, and student support services; and community resources.

Please note that while attending this training is a very important step toward building solidarity, we must actively learn more about issues facing Undocumented Students, especially in our respective departments.

Fall 2017 Ally Training Sessions 

  • Friday, September 19
  • Friday, October 27


Undocumented Student Resources

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