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Past NEIU Student Internship Stories

Brian Cordero

  Name: Brian Cordero

  Major: Communications, Media, and Theatre

  Internship Site: Latino Union of Chicago

  "I've learned a lot from the tasks I've been given through my internship. I have done data entry, newsletter formatting, annual reporting, and program sponsorship. But the  

  biggest thing I have learned is understanding the mission of the organization".



Tavia Henderson

 Name: Tavia Henderson

 Major: Communications, Minor in English

 Internship Site: Health Data Technologies SoftSpeech

 "I enjoy the flexible work schedule. The Career Development Center has been invaluable. They helped me find a paid internship within two weeks! The staff is incredibly

 friendly and helpful; they even helped me revamp my resume to find an internship".



Ted Shaeffer

  Name: Ted Shaeffer

  Major: Accounting

  Internship Site: OneIMS

  "What I enjoy most about my internship is the experience I get working with a startup. It has been an eye opening experience as to how departments work together in a

  company to create a successful business. It's nice getting hands on experience in the real world with the concepts I am learning about in my classes. My experience with the

  Career Development Center in obtaining this internship was great!".


Elizabeth Geronimo

  Name: Elizabeth Geronimo

  Major: Human Resource Development

  Internship Site: Tutoria Latina

  "The Career Development Center offers many resources and services that are very beneficial to Northeastern students and alumni. As part of their Illinois Cooperative Work

 Study program I was able to intern at Tutoria Latina as an HR Director during my senior year. I have now graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in HRD and thanks to the Career

 Development Center; Tutoria Latina hired me as an HR Director permanently".



Alicia DeStefano

 Name: Alicia DeStefano

 Major: Human Resource Develpment

 Internship Site: Robert BoschTool Corporation

 "What I enjoy about my internship is that every day is a new challenge. I am learning so much every day and it is really enhancing the love I have for my degree in Human Resource Development. A project that I am currently working on is creating a training for the employees here at Bosch to learn how to speak German".   


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