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Northeastern Illinois University provides a vast number of academic, social, emotional, and health related resources to meet the needs of its students.  The Student Advocacy Program understands that at times it can be difficult for students to navigate these services at the Univesity. If you are a student seeking University resources or looking for an advocate to help you connect with resources, browse through the links below or contact us at  

Child Care Center

Northeastern offers to the children of students and community members high quality early childhood education. Visit their website for more information.

Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action, and Ethics Compliance

Please contact this office if you have a complaint involving discrimination, sex discrimination, sexual harrasment, or sexual assault or if you have questions about Northeastern's ethics, equal opportunity, and anti-discrimination policies. For information on Title IX, click here.  For helpful information and resources on sexual assault at Northestern, click here.

Student Disability Services

This is a beneficial office if you are a student with physical, learning disabilities or any other kind of disability who is seeking reasonable accommodations and services.

Student Health and Counseling Services

This office is a good place to go if you need basic first aid care of minor illnesses, pap smears and birth control, or other types of health screenings.  In addition, this office offers confidential pyschological and emotional support. If they do not offer a service, they can provide outside University referrals.

Dean of Students Office

If you are experiencing issues or concerns regarding a University academic department, another student, faculty, or staff,  this is the office you need to contact. 

University Police

If you are experiencing a life threatening emergency call 911 or (773) 442-5511.  If you would like to be escorted around the main campus when you feel unsafe, need help unlocking your car, or you are experiencing other non-emergency situations, contact University Police at (773) 442-4100.

Undocumented Student Project

If you are an undocumented student who is experiencing issues navigating the University, understanding your rights as a student, or you are unsure what resources are available to undocumented students, you should use this resource.


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