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Vice President for Student Affairs Daniel López

For Daniel López Jr., learning has no boundaries

Daniel López Jr. gets some of his best work done outside the office. Way outside the office. “To me, running is so therapeutic,” he said. “If I have an idea that I’m thinking about, that is the time that I process it.” Just as López pounds the pavement on Chicago’s scenic Lakefront Trail to craft his best ideas, Northeastern Illinois University’s vice president for Student Affairs encourages students to take advantage of opportunities outside the classroom to reach their full potential.
Claudia Hernandez at the new El Centro construction site

Destined to Empower Others

In May of 2014, Claudia Hernandez earned her bachelor’s degree in social work from Northeastern Illinois University. It was the first major step in realizing her lifelong goal of becoming a social worker—a goal born from tragedy. When she was just seven years old, Claudia’s father passed away unexpectedly. “My father’s death made me a sensitive child,” Hernandez said. “I remember crying in bed every night and out of nowhere in my second-grade class. For that reason I was referred to the school social worker. Her help during that time motivated me to become a social worker.”
Jon Gronli

Creative Writing Class Leads to Video Game Development

Sean Katamay, English alumnus, and Jon Gronli, English graduate student, are on two different paths with their academic career, but they discovered common ground when it comes to their shared passions for creative writing and gaming. The two met in a creative writing class at Northeastern. Katamay asked Gronli to join his game development team after losing two team members. “I love designing games and have since I was eight years old. I also had a fantasy setting I wanted to creatively develop,” said Katamay. “This felt like a good opportunity to do both.”

University Life

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