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NEIU Digital Signage system - inLighten

NEIU has a proprietary digital signage system provided by inLighten.  The system is capable of displaying information to the 40+ monitors located around our main campus (with four at El Centro and one at CCICS!).  The goal of this system is to provide up-to-date information regarding events and general campus information.  Please note that we do not promote outside, for-profit organizations on the campus-wide system.  Additionally, there are a few requirements that must be met to be suitable for campus-wide display.

To submit requests to display:

Please contact the Division of Marketing and Communications using the form at regarding requests to display information on the campus monitors.  From there, we can determine if your request should go through marketing, if it qualifies for campus-wide display, or if we can display your information on one of our pre-approved backgrounds.  If you have someone who is creating marketing materials for your department, you may have them submit a request with the image you want to display - the image must be 1280X720 pixels, a .jpg, and no larger than 40MB.  Please try to be aware of NEIU branding standards (available at when submitting your own materials.

  • If you are creating your own image, it must meet our brand and quality standards.  Please try to use high-res images that you own (or that are public domain).  No images that are pixelated or blurry will be accepted.
  • Please make sure to use the official Northeastern wordmark, available at  The full color wordmark should never be used on a colorized background - instead, use either the all black or all white version.  The wordmark should be approximately 1/4 of the size of the image across, and usually is placed in one of the corners (preferrably the bottom left or right).
  • You will achieve a better product if you are creating images in software that is made for this purpose - do not simply copy and paste from Word documents into other programs; also note that there can be severe loss in quality if you do this.  Slides created in this fashion will be rejected.
  • Please limit the text on the slide - the more simple the slide is, the more effective it can be.  Try to only include the basics:  Time, Date, and Location, along with a very brief (one sentence) description.  It is helpful to include the text "for more information," and point to a website or office phone/email instead of putting wordy descriptions on your slide.  Also, make sure your text is as large as it can be (minimum size 25 font).
  • For the header of your slide, you may use any font/text - however, for the body of the slide, you may only use Helvetica (or Arial, if unavailable).  Other fonts will not be accepted.  Consider only using a maximum of two font colors for your slide, and ideally keep changes in font size to a minimum.  Two or three font sizes maximum is what we recommend (i.e. larger text for the header or time/date/location, and smaller text for the brief description).
  • Whenever possible, please consider using colors from the university color palette, available at
  • You can download a PowerPoint template through the brand website, available at under "Campus Monitors."  With the template, you can choose a variety of pre-approved backgrounds and add your own text.
    • Once you have completed your slide, just save it as a .jpg file and send it to the form at
    •  If you have questions about the template, feel free to contact

Keep in mind that requests should be made as early as possible, as submissions through marketing (which can be initiated at may require extra lead time depending on their work-load.  In addition, requests will only be displayed for two weeks prior to the event, as we would like to maintain regular turnover of information we display.


  1. Your request should be approved by your department head and should be geared towards the entire NEIU population.  Additionally, please be sure to proofread for accuracy before submitting.
  2. We will not display images for longer than 2 weeks
  3. For student organizations, you must contact Student Leadership Development's Graphic Designer to create an image for display. 
  4. If your image references an event, please make sure that you have received an actual room confirmation from our department before advertising a location.
  5. If you already have an image created that reflects the NEIU brand and quality standards, the submitted image must be 1280X720 pixels, a .jpg, and no larger than 40MB.
  6. No long links, QR codes or URL shorteners (like bitly or owly) can or will be accepted on screens. Please use a and place complex links (to a registration or RSVP or third party) in the Quick Links section of that shortcut page whenever possible. Hashtags and social media handles may also be acceptable.

Additional information

The system is in place to benefit all of Northeastern and its guests.  We want to increase awareness among Students, Faculty, Staff and visitors, so please ensure your request will advance this goal. 

The system also has video capability - please contact Marketing for more info.

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