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The Northeastern Student Handbooks provide a reference for all students, faculty and administrative staff regarding policies, procedures and regulations in various areas of campus life.

The handbooks cover key information about Northeastern, University basics, specific colleges, student academic and non-academic support resources and services, University expectations, policies and procedures, collegiate terms and the Safety and Security Information report.

The Student Handbook will help to answer many questions students may have during their educational experience at Northeastern. The Graduate Student Handbook contains supplemental information that is essential to students continuing their education here.

All Northeastern students are responsible for reading, understanding and adhering to all policies and regulations outlined in the Student Handbooks. A new version of the handbooks are digitally published each academic year.

Student Handbook Online 

Graduate Student Handbook Online 

**Disclaimer: This electronic version serves as the official Northeastern Student Handbook. This handbook is not intended to, nor does it contain all regulations that relate to students. Students remain responsible for all University policies and regulations that pertain to them. Every effort has been made to provide students with complete and accurate information on the topics provided in the Student Handbook. NEIU reserves the right to amend, revise or modify content at any time and to revoke any rule, regulation and schedule, both academic and financial, within this publication.

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