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Workshop Learning Outcomes

Choosing A Major/ Creating A Career

• Students will be able to utilize resources and differentiate between the curriculum and career paths for each major available from the university.

• Students will apply principles of self-discovery to make informed decisions when choosing a major.

Job Search Strategies

• Students will apply up to date job search strategies and utilize occupational information to find job opportunities, internship appointments, and volunteerships.

• Students will collect occupational information, create career portfolios, and follow sequential steps to obtaining interviews.

Grad School Planning

• Students will be utilizing resources available from NEIU and other places to apply all of the steps for the graduate school process; from research, contemplating, deciding, applying, and retention.

• Students will be able to make informed decisions about why, when, and where to go to graduate school and recognize the academic rigor necessary to complete these programs.

ABC’s of Getting an Internship

• Students will be educated about the importance of an internship and be able to write a resume, cover letter, interview effectively, and professionally present themselves in the workplace.

• Students will be able to articulate the importance of internships as they relate to their academic and career development growth.

Writing a Powerful Resume

• Students will understand each section of resumes and be able to effectively write professional grade resumes that reflect their skills, interests, and abilities.

• Students will utilize Microsoft Word to properly format and send resumes to employers.


• Students will learn about the value of professional networking through involvement, professional organizations, LinkedIn, and other social media outlets.

• Students will apply principles of networking, marketing, and branding to develop their professional identities to interface with employers and professional organizations.

Interview with Confidence

• Students will learn how to prepare and properly articulate themselves professionally in an interview.

• Students will gain insight into themselves through recognizing obstacles they may face before or while preparing for an interview.

Job Readiness

• Students will gather information about occupations and the skills/experience necessary to obtain jobs.

• Students will assess themselves to recognize transferable skills, experiences, and other interests as they relate to obtaining a career or internship.

Professional Brand

• Students will learn, understand, and apply concepts of branding as it relates to their professional image.

• Students will apply concepts of branding to develop their professional identity.

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