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Swimmer getting an amazing workout in the pool

Facility Information

Our pool has an 8 lane 25 yard lap area and a 14 foot diving well with 1-meter and 3-meter diving boards. Programming includes open swim, adult and children learn-to-swim lessons, water polo club, underwater hockey, Women's Only Hour, and much more.

Come relax in the water or work out by swimming laps. If you do not know how to swim, swimming lessons are available for all ages and skill levels.

Swimming is one of the best-all around workouts, involving nearly every major muscle group. Plus, water disperses heat more efficiently than air and cools the body, lowering your risk for overheating. And swimming offers up to 14% more resistance than exercising on land, providing an all-around great workout.

But best of all, swimming is fun! So suit up, jump in, and start swimming.

Additional Information

Register for programsFor further assistance, email or call the Neptune Hotline at (773) 442-4124.

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