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The purpose of Engage is to provide resources to develop globally-minded student leaders in the LGBTQ community.  Engage connects students to opportunities that more deeply explore the LGBTQ local and national communities through two avenues:

Queue: National LGBTQI Internships

The LGBTQA Resource Center's Engage "Queue" is a list of internships at many LGBTQA national organizations.  Our goal is to assist students in connecting with these opportunities, and this list is updated regularly with the goal of capturing as many internships as possible to promote our students’ involvement.

To submit an internship opportunity to the Queue, please contact our LGBTQA Resource center at

To view current opportunities offered through national LGBTQI organizations, please visit the Queue Page.

Community: Volunteer Opportunities 

The "Community" program helps match students with either local LGBTQ organizations or Northeastern Illinois initiatives that are in need of volunteers. LGBTQA Resource Center Staff assist students to build an action plan to decide the level of engagement they can commit to this opportunity for one semester.

To submit a volunteer opportunity to the Community list, please contact the LGBTQA Resource Center at

To view current opportunities offered through Chicago LGBTQA organizations, please visit the Community Page.

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