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Communication, Media and Theatre
College of Arts and Sciences
Courses Taught 
CMTM 160: Introduction to Cinema
CMTM 250: Introduction to Audio Production
CMTM 265: Mass Media and Society
CMTM 368: Community Media
Research Interests 



During and after too many years of studying at various institutions of higher learning, I have taught at University of Wisconsin-Madison, Northwestern University, Governor’s State University, Loyola University, Chicago State University, and Northeastern Illinois University. That studying and teaching focused on media and popular culture generally; alternative media, radio, film, the music industry, documentary, and the first amendment specifically. 

I have worked in commercial and public radio as well as having been involved in a variety of college and community radio stations at most of the above universities as well as University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. For ten of the thirty years that I taught at Loyola, I was station manager of WLUW, Loyola’s community radio station, where I also produced a variety of programs. 

I landed at Northeastern Illinois University in the summer of 2008 where I continue as a part-time faculty member in CMT. Most recently I was asked to develop and teach Community Media as part of the Journalism minor. I also teach Introduction to Audio Production, The Art of Film and Video, and Mass Media and Society. What stands out for me at this university is the rich - and enriching - diversity of the student body as well as the very collegial faculty and knowledgable and generous staff with whom I work.

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