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Tracy J. Luedke portrait image

Tracy Luedke

Coordinator, Global Studies Program
(773) 442-5621
BBH 138
Denise L Cloonan Cortez de Andersen Ph.D. portrait image

Denise Cloonan Cortez de Andersen

Department Chair, Professor of Spanish
World Languages and Cultures
(773) 442-4741
LWH 2039
Chielozona Eze portrait image
(773) 442-5807
LWH 2084
Isidore A. Udoh Ph.D. portrait image

Isidore Udoh

Assistant Professor
Health Sciences and Physical Education
(773) 442-5572
PE 1142

Global Studies

Faculty and Staff

T (773) 442-5658

Faculty and Staff

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