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The Office of Academic Affairs is based in the Jerome M. Sachs Administrative (C) Building on Northeastern Illinois University’s Main Campus.

To contact the Office of Academic Affairs, call (773) 442-5420 during office hours (Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) or email

Wamucii Njogu portrait image

Wamucii Njogu

Acting Provost
(773) 442-4743
Mark P. McKernin portrait image

Mark McKernin

Acting Vice Provost
(773) 442-4943
Shayne Cofer portrait image

Shayne Cofer

Acting Associate Provost
(773) 442-5919
C 102
Ana Villate-Miller portrait image

Ana Villate-Miller

Assistant to the Provost and Vice President
(773) 442-5421
Renata Lis portrait image

Renata Lis

Assistant to the Provost and Vice President
(773) 442-5422
Danielle Pryor portrait image

Danielle Pryor

Business Associate
(773) 442-5431
Joseph Winfield, III portrait image

Joseph Winfield, III

Administrative Assistant
Academic Affairs
(773) 442-5427
Danielle Hernandez portrait image

Danielle Hernandez

Administrative Assistant
(773) 442-5429
Oscar Cazares portrait image

Oscar Cazares

Office Administrator
Academic Affairs
(773) 442-5882
Marianne Hanna portrait image

Marianne Hanna

Office Support Specialist
(773) 442-5426


Contact Academic Affairs

T (773) 442-5420

F (773) 442-5430

Contact Academic Affairs

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