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Associate Professor
College of Education
Early Childhood Education and the arts.
Courses Taught 
ECED 303: Early Childhood Development
ECED 301: Curriculum and Instruction in Early Childhood Education
ECED 328i: Clinical Experiences in Early Childhood Education: Infant/Toddler
ECED 316: Child, Famiiy, and Community
ECED 328T: Clinical Experience in Early Childhood Education, Preschool-KG and Primary-Technology Emphasis
ECED 312: Teaching Strategies with Multicultural Groups
ECED 325: Literature for Young Children
ECED 408: Language Acquisition and Intervention Strategies for Teachers of Young Children
ECED 352: Method of Teaching Language Arts, Music and Art in Early Childhood Education
ECED 325: Literature for Young Children
ECED 452: Curriculum and Methods of Teaching Language Arts, Music, and Art in Early Childhood
Research Interests 
Infant/Toddler Reflective Teaching

State University of New York at Buffalo Early Childhood Education, Ph.D.

Concordia University.  Master in Early Childhood Education.

Nanjing Normal University, China.  Bachelor in Early Childhood Education.

Selected Publications 

Articles published

>"Reaching potentials:  Effective strategies for cultivating student teachers' creativity in teaching art"

>"Lesson plan writing"

>"Educating Early Childhood Teacher Education Students for the Global World"

>"Portfolio assessment in early childhood"


Dr. Hao has taught Early Childhood courses for over 14 years.  She grew up in China and moved to Chicago in 1984.  Dr. Hao specialized in teaching how to work with infants and toddlers.  Her favorite saying is "Let children be children."


Faculty and Staff Contacts

T (773) 442-5380

Faculty and Staff Contacts

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