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Associate Professor
College of Education
Literacy. Writing. Research methods. Classroom discussion. Professional development for teachers.
Courses Taught 
ELED 302: Writing Intensive Program: Methods of Teaching Language Arts in the Elementary School
ELED 306A: Methods of Teaching Reading-Elementary School with Clinical Epxerience
ELED 406: Research Skills for the Classroom Teacher
Research Interests 
Teachers as writers; Impact of writing workshop on Teacher Practice; Dialogic discussion

University of Wisconsin-Madison. Ph.D., M.S., B.S.

Selected Publications 

Adler, M., Rougle, E., Kaiser, E. & Caughlan, S. (2004).  Closing the gap between concept and practice: Toward more dialogic discussion in the language arts classroom.  Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, 47, No. 4, 312-322.

Crafton, L. & Kaiser, E. (2011).  The language of collaboration: Dialogue and identity in teacher professional development.  Improving Schools. V4, (2), 104-116.

Kaiser, E. (2013).  Contextualized support for urban teachers implementing Writer's Workshop. Critical Issues in Education. (V4, (3), 213-224.



Faculty and Staff Contacts

T (773) 442-5380

Faculty and Staff Contacts

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