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Important information to use during your edTPA Registration Process

When registering for the edTPA, you will be asked if you are completing student teaching in an urban, suburban and rural area. In order for NEIU to receive consistant data about the placements, please use the following handout: Rural/Sub-urban/Rural.

Important Information for International Students

When registering for the edTPA, International Students without a valid SSN should not enter any number (including a temporary number assigned by the NYCDOE) and leave the SSN section blank. You will then receive a message that states "The SSN that you entered is not valid. If you do not have a valid SSN, please click here". In the next window you must acknowledge that you have no valid SSN. The system will then let you proceed with the registration process. Please, click on the following link so you can get further information about the licensure process in Illinois.

What to do when I receive my edTPA scores?

If you receive a passing score, congratulations!!  Your next step is to wait for your graduation --if enrolled in a degree program-- and an e-mail from ELIS with further directions on how to apply and register your entitlement. Please, read more about this process in our website:

If you did not receive a passing score or received some code, you need to do the following:

What I should do if I cannot submit by the deadline established by my program?

  • Inform your university supervisor immediately.
  • Send an email to  with attention to the edTPA coaches. Ask for a meeting with them and with the department chair.
  • You might have to postpone graduation.
edTPA Reporting scores


For information about this subject, click here.

edTPA For Candidates


In the link below, candidates submitting their edTPA portfolio directly to Pearson will find tips and guides for submitting their portfolio for national scoring.

Making good choices

A  resource for candidates completing edTPA. The guide helps candidates make good decisions as they develop artifacts and commentaries for their portfolio. By reading and reflecting on the questions and suggestions in Making Good Choices, candidates develop a deeper understanding of edTPA and have many of their questions addressed. To view the PDF, click here. For Elementary Education Task 4, click here.

This Making Good Choices PDF is targeted towards Special Education students. To view the PDF, click here.

School name and/or logo included in the video segments

After consulting with SCALE, they recommended that as long as the city and state are unknown, it is not necessary to hide school names or logo.

Technology guidance


For information about tranfering your portfolio from TK20 to ePearson, please follow the directions: TK20 Guidelines

General Suggestions:

  • Make sure you use digital recording equipment. Tape based equipment will not work!
  • Use an external drive, thumb drive, CD, etc. to back-up all files.
  • Do not store your original and back up in the same location.
  • The loss of documents and/or videotapes due to a failure to back up files  will not waive the candidate from completing the assessment.
  • Make sure all back up files and original files are stored in a secure and confidential manner. Remember, edTPA assessment documents and videotapes are confidential.
  • Scrub all recording devices before returning them. Remember the videos are  all confidential and should only be shared with edTPA participants.

For cameras and equipment:
edTPA candidates, please go to the Multimedia Learning Resource Center, it is located on the 3rd floor of the Ronald Williams Library, the Multimedia Learning Resource Center (MLRC) provides technical assistance and access to a variety of audiovisual equipment and digital editing media in support of class projects, research, and University initiatives.

Recording  tips:

Where you can get help:
Ronald Williams Library - Multi-Media Learning resource Center

edTPA editing video tutorials:
These two video-tutorials are only examples of how to edit the clips you will include in your edTPA portfolio. There more tutorials available in YouTube. In addition, you can visit the media center in the NEIU library for additional support on how to edit your videos.

For MACs using Quicktime:

For Windows using Movie Maker:


Academic Language resources:

Using Sentence Frames to  Jumpstart Writing:


edTPA Hmong Consent form


Contact the GCOE Dean's Office

T (773) 442-5500

F (773) 442-5510

Contact the GCOE Dean's Office

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