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Instructor of Marketing, Instructor
College of Business and Management
Global Branding, Marketing and Advertising Research, Strategic Planning, Quantitative Methods
Courses Taught 
MKTG 350 Principles of Marketing
MKTG 351 Consumer Behavior
MKTG 352 Advertising
MKTG 355 Digital Marketing
MKTG 357 Sales Management
MKTG 359 Marketing Management
MKTG 453 Marketing Research
Research Interests 
Global Brands, Global Consumer Behavior

BSC DePaul University

MBA and Ph.D. University of Minnesota Minneapolis St Paul

Selected Publications 

•James Haefner and Al Rosenbloom, “Emerging Market Consumers: Latvian and Georgian Perceptions of Global Brands,” Academy of Marketing Science 17th Biennial World Marketing Congress, Lima, Peru, August 5-8, 2014

•Al Rosenbloom, James Haefner, and Olutayo Otubanjo, “Nigerian Consumers and their Purchase Intentions for Global Brands,” Association of Marketing Theory and Practice, Charleston, SC, March 2013

•Al Rosenbloom and James Haefner, “Consumer Brand Preferences in Asia: Insights from China and South Korea,” Academy of Business Research, Biloxi MS, November 2012

•Al Rosenbloom, James Haefner, and, Joong-won Lee, “Global Brands in the Context of China: Insights into Chinese Decision Making,” International Journal of China Marketing, Vol. (3) 1, Fall 2012

•James Haefner, Al Rosenbloom, and Margaret Haefner, “Global Brand Purchase Intentions and the Emerging South African Consumers,” Academy of Marketing Science, Atlanta, GA, August 28, 2012 (also chair of the BRICS program component)

•Amy Yarbrough Landry,  Michael Stowe , and James Haefner, “Perceptions of Healthcare Leaders: The Role of Competency Development in Career Advancement,” Health Services Management Research, 2012; 25: 78–86

•Al Rosenbloom and James Haefner, "Understanding South African Consumers Global Brand Purchase Intentions," Association of Marketing Theory and Practice Conference ,Myrtle Beach, March 2012

•James Haefner, Robert Behling, and Michael Stowe, “Clinicians’ Perceptions of Major Pharmaceutical Firms,” Academy of Health Care Management Journal, January 2012

•Al Rosenbloom, and James Haefner, “Understanding Chinese Consumer Purchase Intentions Towards Global Brands, Economics and Management Solutions in the 21st Century --Solutions for Sustainability and Growth.” International Jubilee Scientific Conference. Svishtov, Bulgaria: Tsenov Academic Publishing House, 2011.

•Frank Wyrostek & James Haefner, “Evaluating Visual/Verbal Online Finance Students, ”Journal of Advances in Business Research, Winter, 2011

•Al Rosenbloom, James Haefner, Joong-won Lee, “Global Brands in China: Expanding Our Insights Into Chinese Consumers,” Academy of Business Research Conference, Atlantic City, NJ, September, 2011, AACSB Business School Jobs Best Papers in Marketing

Business and Management


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