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News of Note


Congratulations to our own Dr. Alfred Frankowski on his invitation to join a panel discussion at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. The panel topic is Genocide,  Agency and the Nation-State after Auschwitz. He is also presenting a paper entitled "Toward a Hermeneutics of Survivors of the Rwandan and Burundi Genocides".


Congratulations to our own Dr. Daniel Milsky on his nomination for the Audrey J. Reynolds Disinguished Teaching Award. Thank you for all that you do! Your enthusiasm and devotion to the discipline and students is admirable and we are grateful to have you!


Congratulations to our own Dr. Sophia Mihic for her elevation to full professor! We consider ourselves fortunate to be amongst such excellent faculty.


NEIU, Dr. Jacqueline Scott, Sarah L. Hoagland, Inspiring TriVia Speaker Series Thank you again to Dr. Sarah L. Hoagland for her endowment and our lecturer Dr. Jacqueline Scott for presenting at the second annual Inspiring TriVia speaker series. The event was very well received and the topic, "Truth-tellers are not always palatable: On the benefits of racialized and gendered discomfort", was both relevent and enaging to our student body. Thank you for making it such a great event!


Thank you to Dr. Patricia Daley for her lecture at the second annual Genocide and Research Symposium held here at NEIU.  For more information regarding this event you can visit the African and African American Studies Genocide Research Group on their NEIU webpage here.



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