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Acting Chair, English Department, Audrey Reynolds Distinguished Professor, Associate Professor
College of Arts and Sciences
American Literature and Culture; Literary Theory and Criticism, Material Culture
Courses Taught 
ENGL 210: Literary Methods and Practice (WIP) ENGL 218: Survey of American Literature, Beginnings to 1865 ENGL 219: Survey of American Literature: 1865 to present ENGL 345: Practical Criticism ENGL 368: American Realism
ENGL 372: American Women Writers of the Nineteenth Century ENGL 378: Twentieth Century Fiction I ENGL 410: Literary Methods and Practice ENGL 430: Seminar on Literary Criticism and Theory ENGL 484: Seminar on US Literature After the Cold
Research Interests 
US Literature and Culture; History of Authorship and Publishing; Women Writers of the 19th Century, Material Culture

Ph.D. (American Literature) Duke University

Arts and Sciences

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Contact Us at the English Department

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