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My focus at Northeastern Illinois has been in freshman composition and research writing although previous to that time, my focus was on ESL when I was teaching for The City Colleges of Chicago. In that capacity I researched many different patterns of learning and language development of non-native speakers of English. I also continue to develop and hone my craft as a writer of short fiction. In regards to literature my focus has been on 20th century American writers although I have a broad interest of literature from British 19th century romantic poets to modern European writers such as Franz Kafka to Latin American writers such as Gabriel Garcia Marquez. In all my areas of concentration as an instructor I look to engage and challenge students to think for themselves and connect what they read and write for my classes to their own lives and the world at large in which they seek to establish their profession (or conquer).
Courses Taught 
ENGL 101 Writing I
ENGL 102 Writing II
ENGL 203 World of Fiction
ENGL 205 Literature and Literacies
Research Interests 
Language and learning development of non-native speakers of English

MA  English  Northeastern University
BA   English, The University of Iowa


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Contact Us at the English Department

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