Student Affairs Rap Sessions

The Student Affairs Rap Sessions are a series of professional development roundtables. A variety of topics are presented by members of the Student Affairs staff that attended the 2013 NASPA Conference.

Each Rap Session will include the discussion of a “Big Idea” that can be implemented at Northeastern and related Professional Competency Areas for Student Affairs Practitioners


All Rap Sessions are open to the NEIU community and guests.

For more information, contact Felicia Keelen, Director of Special Projects, Division of Student Affairs at or 773-442-4244.

Student Affairs Rap Sessions (NASPA Conference 2013 Presentations)

June 4, 2013; Noon; CBM 162
The Real Deal! Retention and Persistence of Students in Higher Education
Presenters: Dr. Elaine Blair, Academic and Career Advising; Linda Davis, Academic and Career Advising
Session Description: Student retention and persistence is “The Real Deal.” Students attend universities and colleges to gain an education and to graduate. It is imperative that we continue to provide support to students through mentoring activities which can ensure persistence. Proactively engaging students to help them adjust and succeed in college is vital.
Professional Competency addressed in this session:

  • Advising and Helping
  • Wednesday, June 5, 2013, Noon; SU 215
    “You Can Do It!” It’s Not To Late - Pursuing a Bachelors and “You Can Do It” – Pursuing a Ph. D
    Presenters: Kim Everett, African/African-American Resource Center; Shirley DuBose, Student Affairs; Jackie Topps, New Student and Family Programs
    Session Description:
    Professional Competencies addressed in this session:

    • Personal Foundations
    • Leadership
    • Tuesday, June 11, 2013 – Noon; SU 215
      Engaging First Generation Students
      Presenters: Brian Willess, New Student and Family Programs; Robin Wagner, Academic and Career Advising
      Session Description: First Generation Students (FGS) are not easily identified, but are an important subset of our student population. FGS are typically less prepared than those whose parents attended college. This lack of preparation results in less engagement with fellow students and faculty as well as a higher dropout rate before completion of their degree. This roundtable discussion will address the challenges facing FGS and how we can foster a more inclusive environment for this largely ignored population.
      Professional Competency addressed in this session:

      • Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
      • Wednesday, June 12, 2013; Noon; SU 216
        Integrating Leadership: From Accomplished Students to Qualified Professionals
        Presenters: Tina Garcia, Student Leadership Development; Michelle Scott, Student Affairs
        Session Description: In this presentation, we will examine how leadership functions in student development and professional development. We hope to trace how NASPA presenters offered insight into how a student’s leadership development during college can translate in that student’s future professional career. To do this, we will bridge leadership research conducted in the areas of student leadership development and human resources.
        Professional Competencies addressed in this session:

        • Human and Organizational Resources
        • Leadership
        • Student Learning and Development
        • Thursday, June 13 at 11am; SU 215
          How to get Involved with NASPA
          Presenter: Frank E. Ross, Vice President for Student Affairs
          Session Description: Learn how involvement in the nation's largest professional organization for Student Affairs is only a few steps away.
          Professional Competencies addressed in this session:

          • Leadership
          • Personal Foundations
          • Wednesday, June 26; Time TBD
            Undocumented Students
            Presented by: Liz Villlareal, Proyecto Pa’Lante; Izabella Woronko, Student Union, Event and Conference Services
            Session Description: The presenters will share what they learned about a program called DREAMzone that has been instituted at Arizona State University.
            Professional Competency addressed in this session:

            • Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
            • Friday, June 28 2013 at 10:00 am; Pedroso Center
              Exploring Trans Inclusive Policies in Higher Education
              Presented by: Anthony Papini, LGBTQA Resource Center
              Session Description: What are the current models and best practices to support transgender and gender queer students? We will explore trans-friendly practices at other higher education institutions and discuss ways to create a more progressive and inclusive environment for genderqueer and trans students at NEIU in our own respective departments/offices. Attendees will be asked to read a portion of "Promising Practices for Inclusion of Gender Identity/Gender Expression in Higher Education" which will be sent in advance.
              Professional Competency addressed in this session:

              • Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
              • Tuesday, August 13, 2013 at Noon; SU 215
                Learning Outcomes for Student Affairs Professionals
                Presented by: Kris Pierre, Academic and Community Partnerships; Monica Teixeira, TRIO Student Support Services
                Session Description: Student Affairs professionals have an important role contributing to the learning experience and development of students. This presentation will start a discussion on developing learning-outcomes for Student Affairs activities and will provide one practical model to assess learning outside of class. Participants will plan strategies to foster and demonstrate student learning.
                Professional Competencies addressed in this session: