The Undocumented Students Project

Enhancing awareness of issues facing Northeastern’s undocumented students and families and providing faculty and staff with the resources to better assist them.

The main goals of the Undocumented Students Project are:

  • To improve awareness of the issues and concerns of Northeastern’s undocumented students
  • To gain knowledge of Northeastern’s policies and practices that affect undocumented students
  • To increase understanding of immigration laws that impact undocumented families
  • To cultivate an open and supportive campus environment
  • To increase community awareness of Northeastern’s open, supportive practices towards undocumented families.
We advance these goals and support Northeastern’s undocumented student population by:

  • Training faculty and staff to become Undocumented Student Allies.
  • Encouraging faculty and staff Allies to display the open door logo stickers, lapel pins and buttons around the university. Allies are informed and ready to address questions and concerns.
  • Developing a comprehensive resource guide for faculty and staff
  • Providing up-to-date information and materials available to students, families and community members via the project website:
  • Working with community legal aid partners to provide free DACA eligibility screening and assessment
  • Investigating and reviewing Northeastern’s policies and practices that negatively impact undocumented students
  • Developing recommendations to modify or improve upon Northeastern’s policies and practices

Northeastern’s undocumented initiatives demonstrate not only a university-wide decision to take a stand in support of the university’s undocumented population but also an institutional commitment to social justice. This initiative to promote change and update policies will provide an equitable learning experience for all Northeastern students.

For scholarship information, please see:
For information about DACA and how to apply, please see:

If you are interested in applying for DACA, here are some low-cost or free services providers that may be able to assist you with your application.


Katherine Greenslade
Coordinator • 773.442.4519

Read the Resource Guide