Student Conduct

Philosophy of University Policies for Student Conduct

Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU) is a community of learning where students are held accountable for their actions. As individuals they enjoy basic rights, as members of a community they also accept certain responsibilities. NEIU is a place where the free exchange of ideas is valued and where every person is important.

In an effort to create an environment where the freedom to teach and learn are inseparable facets of academic freedom, and to promote health and safety, NEIU has set forth policies that govern student behavior. These policies set standards which NEIU encourages students to rise above and help create a community atmosphere of shared respect.

The University's Judicial System was designed to address students' behavior that causes or threatens to cause harm to another student, other members of the university community, or property, or creates a pattern of extreme disruption, or indicates an extreme inability to cope with their own needs. Any such behavior will violate the student conduct code and will be addressed through the student judicial system. For example, a student who threatens another individual with immediate physical harm has violated the abusive conduct policy and is subject to judicial action. Any behavior that is discriminating and/or otherwise hurtful towards members of the community is addressed through judicial affairs and educational interventions. NEIU is committed to using every available educational tool to stop these behaviors in this community. University officials' behavior that causes or threatens to cause harm to a student(s), other members of the university community, or property, or creates a pattern of extreme disruption, or indicates an extreme inability to cope with their own needs will be addressed through the university's Affirmative Action Office, not judicial affairs.

The University Judicial System affects and applies to all currently enrolled students and to all registered student organizations. Its major purpose is to help create a fair, just, and disciplined university community. The system is based on the assumption that students and groups have the capacity to assume responsibility for their own behavior and the university has the authority to establish an internal structure for the enforcement of its policies and procedures that students have agreed to accept and follow by enrolling in the university.

The University Judicial System is an educational tool with two main objectives: to hold students accountable for unacceptable behavior and to modify those behaviors deemed unacceptable by the university. The system strives to address unacceptable behavior in a manner that informs and guides students towards a greater sense of personal responsibility and towards more mature and ethical standards.

All students are responsible for understanding the Judicial Information and Procedures of the University Student Conduct Code. Read more...

To file a disciplinary complaint against a student, complete the Academic Misconduct Reporting Form or Non-Academic Misconduct Reporting Form, attach all relevant document evidence, and submit it to Student Rights and Responsibilities in B 119.

Academic Integrity Tutorial at NEIU

Student Rights and Responsibilities, in collaboration with Ronald Williams Library and the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), developed the following on-line Academic Integrity Tutorial (AIT) at Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU).

The link:

The tutorial is an interactive resource that allows for an instructor to review student responses after taking the tutorial. The tutorial is a fun way for students to become familiar with academic honesty, ways to avoid plagiarism and source documentation. After a year in research and development, the on-line Academic Integrity tutorial at NEIU is available!

To assign the NEIU tutorial to an entire course or individual student, contact NEIU Center for Teaching and Learning

To learn more information about Plagiarism please visit

Behavioral Concerns Team

The Behavioral Concerns Team (BCT) at NEIU is an interdisciplinary team developed to respond to concerns about disturbing or distressing behavior on campus. The overall goal of the BCT is to enhance campus safety and promote student success by providing a centralized listening and response function regarding problematic behavior. We encourage all members of the University Community to respond to concerns as they emerge, using a proactive and prevention-minded approach to keep situations from escalating. For more information on the BCT, click here.