Frequently Asked Questions

Student Health Insurance Questions

Who is eligible for Student Health Insurance?

  • All full-time (12 or more hours) undergraduate students are automatically enrolled in the insurance plan. Undergraduates taking 6 -12 hours and graduate students taking at least 3 hours are eligible, but must request the insurance at the cashier's office.

I already have health insurance. Do I have to keep the school's policy, too?

  • No. If you have insurance equal to or more comprehensive than the student insurance plan, you can obtain a waiver. The insurance may be waived by filling out a form in the cashier's office. The form is also available online here. Please fill out the form and return to the cashier's office with proof of insurance. To waive the insurance online, visit the Aetna web site and click on "Plans and Products" and then "Enroll/Waiver".

Can I add a spouse (husband or wife) or child to my policy?

How do I find a doctor?

  • Yes. The form(s) for that are available on the Aetna web site.

Will I get an insurance card?

  • One will be mailed to your home approximately 4 weeks after the semester begins. Please be sure the school has your correct address, as this is what is sent to the insurance company.

What if I need to see a doctor before I get my insurance card?

  • See the Bursar in Enrollment Services. The Bursar will arrange for an expedited entry for you into the insurance system.

How much is the insurance per semester?

  • The price of the insurance policy for the Fall 2011 and Spring 2012 semesters is $687.75 per semester. Spring semester students paying for health insurance will be covered through summer. Summer semester insurance is available separately for international students for $395.25.

Where do students find more detailed information about the Student Health Insurance?

  • Please visit the Aetna web site or call 1-877-378-9477. There are also insurance brochures at Student Health Services and the Cashier's Office.

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