Levels of Assessment

Assessment can occur at several levels: course, program, and university levels. Information may be aggregated in different ways to assess other levels of assessment as well, for example the assessment of the general education program, which crosses disciplinary boundaries. The Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) provides broad questions that help to frame assessment inquiry at each level and provides examples of the sources of evidence to be gathered.

To gain further understanding of the levels of assessment, see the chart below:

Levels of Assessment and Responsibility.

Level Course Program College University
Focus Course Goals, Objectives & Student Learning Outcomes Program goals, objectives, student learning outcomes, and academic quality College goals, objectives for student learning and academic quality University mission, goals and priorities for student learning and academic quality
Responsible Party for implementing assessment Course instructor Department Chair/Program Coordinator, and Program Faculty Dean Provost/Vice President and the Office of Assessment and Program Review
Supportive Offices Center for Teaching and Learning

Enrollment Services
Office of Assessment and Program Review Office of Assessment and Program Review Institutional Research
Advisory Bodies For new course development:

General Education Committee

Faculty Council on Academic Affairs
Program Level Assessment Committee (in selected cases)

Outcomes Assessment Resource Group
Dean’s Council

Specialized Task Forces
Assessment Advisory Committee

Provost’s Council

President’s Administrative Team
Supervision Department Chair/Program Coordinator Dean Provost President
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