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President Hahs


Congratulations to all who have earned emeriti status this academic year. The recognition of emeritus is an honor bestowed upon retiring faculty members and senior administrators who have made substantial contributions to the University. All twenty-two new emeriti have served the University and our students with distinction.

Each year, emeriti are announced and honored during both December and May commencements. Please see the below list of emeriti appointments this year.

Thank you and congratulations to all who have earned emeritus honors. We applaud you.


Anna Antaramian, Professor Emerita
Anna Antaramian has served the Communication, Media, and Theatre Department and Northeastern Illinois University with distinction for the last twenty-two years, during which time she has had a significant and lasting impact on the Department, NEIU's Stage Center Theatre, countless students and alumni, and her colleagues. She served as the Department's Associate Chair and Acting Chair, as well as the Artistic and Managing Director of the Stage Center Theatre. She directed the Summer Theatre program for several years. Anna also served as President of the Illinois Theatre Association and received an NEIU Faculty Excellence Award for Teaching. She has paved the way for student-faculty collaborations in a variety of creative and artistic endeavors, supported the professional development opportunities of our students, and advocated for theatre education as a critical component of both K-12 and higher education.

Debra Bruce, Professor Emerita
Debra Bruce has taught in the English Department for over twenty-seven years; she is an innovative and inventive teacher, and a renowned and prolific poet who in her poetic endeavors brings honor to the department and the University. She has published three books of poetry, Pure Daughter, Sudden Hunger, and What Wind Will Do. Most recently she completed another book, Survivors' Picnic, which will be published later this year. Throughout her career, her writing has been published widely in journals, including The Atlantic and Poetry. Her work has been recognized by her university colleagues in the form of four Faculty Excellence Awards. Over the years she has earned a reputation as an excellent teacher. A word that often appears in student comments is "passionate," which describes how she feels about what she does in the classroom.

Murrell J. H. Duster, Assistant Professor Emerita
Dean Murrell J. H. Duster has served Northeastern Illinois University for more than thirty-six years as an Assistant Professor in the Early Childhood Education program, as Dean of Academic Development, and as Associate Vice President and Dean of the Angelina Pedroso Center for Diversity and Intercultural Affairs. She has made significant contributions to the University in academic advising, tutoring, the Summer Transition Program, and the Learning Center; as well as serving the University on countless committees. Dean Duster has served in a leadership role in Great Service Matters, a university-wide professional development program. She is a strong advocate for our students and for international educational programs. Additionally, she actively participates in the leadership of many community organizations.

Diane Ehrlich, Professor Emerita
Dr. Diane Ehrlich has been a member of the faculty for twenty-five years, serving the Human Resource Development Department, the Educational Leadership and Development Department, the College of Education, and the University in myriad ways. In the area of administration, she served as Program Coordinator, as Associate Chair, and as Chair. She has taught numerous courses in the areas of leadership, organizational development, administrative decision-making, advanced instructional design, and human relations; both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Dr. Ehrlich's leadership in the area of teaching is demonstrated by her having twice been conferred the Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award. She also received a Faculty Excellence award for her research and another for her service to the University community.

Lawrence P. Frank, Professor Emeritus and Provost Emeritus
Dr. Frank came to Northeastern Illinois University as Professor, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs in 2002, after almost three decades of distinguished service to institutions of higher education across the country and around the world. He has been a productive political science scholar, publishing articles on African politics and comparative and international politics in premier political science and social science journals. Two National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowships and two Fulbright Fellowships attest to the national and international recognition of his exceptional scholarly research and teaching.

As Provost, Dr. Frank has led the University's academic focus on urban education, encouraging curricular development and academic advising that directly address the challenges of student retention and graduation rates. He guided the development of NEIU's signature program-the Chicago-focused, First Year Experience Program-to encourage student success. During his tenure, Provost Frank has brought dozens of new faculty and other leaders to the University. He has led the creation of new degree programs and strengthened the University's offerings at the University Center of Lake County. With his guidance, the University has secured nearly $20 million in grant funds for the establishment of the Academic Writing Center, the Student Center for Science Engagement, the Admissions, Transfer and Veterans Support Center, three Student Support Services Programs, and for the creation and renovation of key science laboratories.

Suzanne Gaskins, Professor Emerita
Dr. Gaskins earned her Ph.D. from the University of Chicago in Educational Psychology. She joined NEIU's Department of Psychology in 1997. Dr. Gaskins' research has focused especially on fieldwork in a traditional Mayan village in the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico. She has integrated both psychological and ethnographic approaches to the study of children's everyday lives and their development, from infancy through middle childhood. She speaks the Yucatecan dialect of the Mayan language fluently and uses it as her primary language for doing fieldwork. Dr. Gaskins has also worked with childrens' museums in the United States since 1989, conducting research on how families interact in exhibits, how characteristics of exhibits influence that interaction and what cultural differences there are in visitors?' agendas.

Nan Giblin, Professor Emerita
Dr. Nan Giblin has contributed to Northeastern Illinois University for twenty-six years, serving as a faculty member, Department Chair, Associate Dean, and Dean of the College of Education. She has been a teacher of hundreds of students and professionals in the field, and has collaborated with a number of students and faculty on research projects and articles. She has made significant contributions to her field through her leadership in accreditation, both for the College of Education and for the Counseling Department. Her professional focus on art therapy and her work in yoga retreats and TEAM Conferences underscore her commitment to help individuals achieve personal and professional success. Dr. Giblin is well-respected across campus, and her professionalism and sense of humor have enriched the College of Education.

Sarah Lucia Hoagland, Professor Emerita
Dr. Sarah Hoagland has been a mentor and teacher in the Philosophy Department, Women's Studies and Latino and Latin American Studies, the University's Honors Program, and the McNair Scholars Program for thirty- five years. Her outstanding pedagogy is praised by her peers both within the Philosophy Department and outside of it. Her work on the philosophy of knowledge and feminist theory has resulted in a robust research program that has had, and will continue to have, lasting impact; one acknowledgement of the quality of her research is her receiving the Bernard J. Brommel Distinguished Research Professor Award. She is a part of many communities of scholars and activists, including being a member of the Editorial Board of Hypatia, and a leading member of the Society for Women in Philosophy. In the words of one of her department colleagues, her academic life is well-lived and still vibrant.

Sandra Hunt, Associate Professor Emerita
Dr. Sandy Hunt has taught developmental writing classes in the English Language Program in the English Department, and advanced undergraduate and graduate classes in the English Department for thirty years. She was a long- standing coordinator of the M.A. Program in Rhetoric and Composition in the English Department as well as a coordinator of the English Language Program. She has been successful because she is deeply human and good-humored, respects people, and puts a premium on human relationships in her teaching, service, and administration. For years Dr. Hunt taught English 380: Multicultural Literatures, showing her commitment to understanding and transmitting understanding of and respect for diverse cultural perspectives.

Phyllis Hurt, Professor Emerita
Dr. Phyllis Hurt has been a dedicated and respected faculty member of the Music Department for thirty-one years. She has presented local and national performances in opera, musical theater, solo recitals, chamber works, and as soloist with Ensemble Espanol Spanish dance concerts. In 1997, she founded the Women Composers Concert Series and Lectures on campus; since then, hundreds of women composers have been featured. Dr. Hurt served as Associate Chair and as Graduate Music Advisor, as well as many other leadership roles in the Department of Music. She was closely involved in the Music Department's successful bid for National Association of Schools of Music accreditation.

Libby Komaiko, Professor Emerita
Dame Libby Komaiko retired from Northeastern Illinois University in July 2011, after more than thirty-five years of dedicated service to the University in the Dance Program of the Department of Music and Dance. She developed, directed and taught the first complete academic program for Spanish classical, folkloric and Flamenco dance and music. She is the founder and artistic director of the internationally acclaimed Ensemble Espanol Spanish Dance Theatre-the first Spanish dance company to hold "in-residence" status at a university in the United States. In 1983 she was the first American to receive the highest honor bestowed on foreign nationals by Juan Carlos I, King of Spain. This honor is called the Lazo de Dama de la Orden de Isabel la Catolica, and is in recognition of Dame Komaiko's achievements in promoting the artistic, cultural and educational values of the Spanish tradition in the fields of music and dance throughout the United States. During Professor Komaiko's tenure at Northeastern Illinois University, students and colleagues consistently have recognized her outstanding teaching, extraordinary creative activities and committed service to the academic community at NEIU as well as to the dance community around the world.

Elizabeth Landerholm, Professor Emerita
Dr. Elizabeth Landerholm has served the College of Education and the University for over twenty-six years. She has been a faculty member, Program Coordinator, and Graduate Advisor in the early Childhood Program; and was an early participant in grants promoting initiatives on early childhood education between Northeastern Illinois University and the Chicago Public Schools. She has made significant contributions in her field, especially in supporting the global experiences of the University's undergraduate students. Dr. Landerholm has been a recipient of the Faculty Excellence Award.

Richard E. Neapolitan, Professor Emeritus
Dr. Richard E. Neapolitan has served the Computer Science Department for over thirty years. He has led the department in multiple initiatives, serving as a chair for more than ten years. His research on Bayesian Networks was critical in the development of that field. His contribution includes multiple papers on applications of Bayesian Networks to health related areas. Dr. Neapolitan is also a recognized textbook author. His book on Foundations of Algorithms has been published in many languages and serves as a main textbook for courses throughout the world.

Beverly Otto, Professor Emerita
Dr. Beverly Otto has contributed to the life of Northeastern Illinois University for the past twenty-six years as a faculty member, Associate Chair, and Chair in the Teacher Education Department, as well as an Associate Dean in the College of Education. She has seen the College through numerous accreditation visits. She has made significant contributions to her field through her expertise in early childhood education. Her textbooks on early childhood education are best- sellers in the field. She has provided valuable service to the department, college, university, and community.

Anil Pandya, Professor Emeritus
Dr. Anil Pandya has served as a faculty member in the Department of Management and Marketing of the College of Business and Management for twenty-two years teaching courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels. In his time at Northeastern Illinois University, he received excellence awards in service and in research. His research has been published in numerous journals. He is the founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of a credit bureau licensed in India. His current research interests include entrepreneurship in emerging markets.

Jane Peller, Professor Emerita
Ms. Jane Peller, Professor of Social Work at Northeastern Illinois University for over thirty years, is renowned in her field for innovative thinking and teaching practices. She has been a dedicated faculty member, spearheading the self- study for accreditation in the Social Work program four times during her tenure. She has published several books and articles on Solution-focused Brief Therapy, and is cited in numerous textbooks for her work. Most recently, she is dedicated to the development of enhanced learning environments in online, hybrid, and in person classrooms. Her most recent venture is the creation of an online social work gaming environment.

Rakesh Rustagi, Associate Professor Emeritus
Dr. Rakesh Rustagi will retire from the Department of Mathematics after twenty- eight years of service. His tenure included teaching at the undergraduate and graduate levels; he contributed greatly to the graduate program by teaching graduate courses in statistics in both the M.A. and M.S. programs almost every semester. Dr. Rustagi served the University on numerous committees, including the Faculty Senate, University Personnel Committee, Excellence Awards Committee, and Library Committee.

Allen N. Shub, Professor Emeritus
Dr. Allen N. Shub retires from the University after twenty-seven years of service as a faculty member in the College of Business and Management and as an administrator. He has served as Chair of the Department of Management and Marketing, Associate Dean and Acting Dean of the College of Business and Management, Coordinator of the MBA Program, and Associate Provost and University Contract Administrator in the Office of Academic Affairs. Dr. Shub has enriched the academic experience of thousands of students with his content, real-world experience, his caring, and his humor. His many publications and presentations include topics of employee dishonesty, negligent hiring and retention, entrepreneurship education, and human resource contribution to supply chain integration and performance. Dr. Shub has served on numerous departmental, college, and university-wide committees, was elected to five consecutive terms as Chair of the University Faculty Senate, and received two Faculty Excellence Awards.

Susan Stall, Professor Emerita
Dr. Susan Stall has served the Sociology Department, Women's Studies Program, and the College of Arts and Sciences for over two decades, including serving as Chair of the Sociology Department for two terms. She has taught an array of courses over her tenure; of particular note is her development of courses with a strong service-learning component, and with a focus on public sociology. Her research on public housing and community organizing has resulted in a book, book chapters, journal articles, and a play. Her focus on engaged learning is illustrated by her development of an Albany Park conference in 2011, her involvement with the applied learning committees at Northeastern Illinois University, and her activity in the Midwest Sociological Society, including serving as the organization's President. Dr. Stall's involvement with local social change and arts groups is evidence of her philosophy of living her discipline of sociology in all aspects of her life.

Robert T. Starks, Associate Professor Emeritus
Mr. Robert T. Starks has taught in the Inner City Studies Education program in the Department of Educational Inquiry and Curriculum Studies for almost forty years. He has made significant contributions to his field through his expertise in African-American issues, especially in the areas of urban history and political science. His teaching and research have impacted over ten thousand students and the larger community throughout the United States. He has provided service to the department and the University throughout the years, most recently serving as Inner City Studies Education?s Departmental Personnel Committee Chair.

Edward Stuart, Professor Emeritus
Dr. Edward Stuart has been an exemplary faculty member of the Economics Department and valued mentor to both students and current members of the faculty for twenty-three years. His efforts in developing the department's course offerings in International Economics are especially noted, as are his outreach efforts with local media. Between frequent local television appearances and outreach trips around the world, Dr. Stuart has for many years been the public face of the department. Dr. Stuart led trips to the former Soviet Union, was a Guest Professor at Universities in Russia and Austria, and participated in educational conferences in Russia.

Anderson Thompson, Professor Emeritus
Dr. Thompson devoted many years to the Chicago Public Schools as a teacher, an assistant principal and as acting principal prior to his arrival at Northeastern Illinois University. He retires from our university after working for five years as a part-time faculty member, and forty years as a tenure-line faculty member in the Inner City Studies Education program of the Department of Educational Inquiry and Curriculum Studies housed at the Jacob H. Carruther's Center for Inner City Studies. Dr. Thompson was instrumental in the design and development of the Inner City Studies Education curriculum, and his work as a faculty member has enriched the academic experience of more than a thousand students in the larger community throughout the United States, Africa, the Caribbean and South America. He is a renowned historian who is constantly sought after to lecture on various topics related to people of African ancestry.



Sharon Hahs


April 2012