New Students Forge Their Own Paths

First-time freshmen crossed through metaphoric "pillars of the institution" in a ceremony to celebrate their matriculation to Northeastern. Incoming students and their family members gathered for this event in the Auditorium and on the University Commons on Saturday, August 27.

This event marks the fourth year for this rite of passage ceremony, known as Class Act. This year's theme, Forging Your Own Path, was initiated by the student activities office to help establish tradition and promote retention for incoming first-time freshmen.

Sharron Evans, director, student activities, said, "The whole point of having convocations and welcome events is to help the student to have a connection or a stake in the University as soon as possible."

After the ceremony, the students and their families attended a picnic followed by an information fair. The information fair provided an opportunity for new students to talk with program and department leaders and learn more about the activities and services available to them at the University.

Evans said, "When a student comes to college they understand that they have control over their future and ownership of their lives. They can paint their own picture of their future by forging their own path."

September 2011