Gidea Receives Brommel Award

Marian GideaMarian Gidea, professor, mathematics, was presented with the 2011 Bernard J. Brommel Distinguished Research Award at the May 2011 Commencement ceremony. Gidea is the sixth recipient of this award, which is given annually to the tenured/tenure-track member of the NEIU faculty who best demonstrates excellence in research, scholarship and creative activity.

The Brommel Distinguished Research Award recognizes the achievements of one faculty member each year. The award is given to the professor who best exemplifies the values of scholarly research, based on the entire body of his or her research or creative activity. Gidea, who has been at Northeastern since 2000, has produced a substantial body of scholarly work ranging from research on difficult problems related to satellites in unstable orbits around a plant to arrhythmic heartbeats. He works in an area of mathematics referred to as dynamical systems, which has close ties to chaos theory.

Researchers in this area explore mathematical phenomena related to instability in physical and biological systems. They use various fields of mathematics such as topology, differential geometry and differential equations to get results.

Gidea has co-authored two books, edited four volumes, published 27 significant scholarly papers, presented at 50 national and international conferences, given 25 colloquia and seminar talks, and helped organize 11 international conferences. He has been awarded 10 important grants, including one from the National Science Foundation and another from the National Institute of Health. This prolific scholarship has garnered Gidea distinguished national and international recognition, including an offer of membership and participation in the prestigious Institute for Advanced Studies at Princeton University.

As the recipient of the Brommel Distinguished Research Award, Gidea received a $5,000 prize and will give a presentation about his research to the NEIU community during the Fall 2011 semester.

Other finalists for the award were Lawrence Berlin, professor, linguistics, and Erica Meiners, professor, educational inquiry and curriculum studies.

The Bernard J. Brommel Distinguished Research Award has been made possible by the philanthropy of Bernard Brommel, professor emeritus, communication, media and theatre.