NEIU in the Media

Education Week
Maureen Gillette, dean, College of Education, was quoted in a story in the March 15 edition of Education Week. The story was about how some schools of education are emphasizing cultural competence in their training in an effort to produce teachers who can relate to students who come from different backgrounds. Gillette said that the way to prepare teachers for urban schools is to give them experiences in urban schools.

Medill Reports
A March 10 Medill Reports story about the first openly-gay generation quoted Masami Takahashi, associate professor, psychology. Takahashi said that while the LGBTQ community has disadvantages, homosexuals rely on each other more within their community than heterosexuals do.

Ellen Cannon, professor, political science, was a guest on the "Conversation with Ross Reynolds" show on public radio station KUOW-FM in Seattle on March 10. Cannon discussed the Congressional hearings Islamic radicalization and a recent terrorist attack in Spokane, Wash.

Chicago Defender
In the March 9 issue of the Chicago Defender, Angelia Roberts-Watkins, instructor, educational inquiry and curriculum studies, was listed among the honorees for the Fifth Annual Chicago Defender 2011 Women of Excellence celebration..

Medill Reports
Lisa Hollis-Sawyer, associate professor, psychology, and Edward Stuart, professor, economics and international/intercultural studies, were quoted in a March 9 Medill Reports story about how aging baby boomers are providing business owners with service opportunities. Hollis-Sawyer said that Americans want to be cared for as they age but do not want to be a burden, which will spur growth in the home and errand service industries. Stuart said that services directed at this growing population will provide employment opportunities for younger workers.

NEIU senior Jesus Palafox was featured in WBEZ-FM's commentary series "Dear Chicago," which was published on March 7. Palafox's story about his experiences as an undocumented student was published on March 7.

Chicago Journal
Lance Williams, associate professor, inner city studies education, and assistant director, Carruthers Center for Inner City Studies, was interviewed about his book "The Almighty Black P Stone Nation: The Rise, Fall and Resurgence of an American Gang" in a story in the March 2 edition of the Chicago Journal.

Edward Stuart, professor, economics and international/intercultural studies, was a guest on the "Judy Baar Topinka Show," which aired on March 1 on WJJF-AM. Stuart discussed the federal budget, the state of the national economy, and the issue of immigration.

The New York Times
A story published in the February 26 issue of The New York Times quoted Robert Starks, associate professor, inner city studies education. The story was about a push for new ideas and leaders in the black community in the wake of Carol Mosley Braun's failed mayoral bid. Starks said Braun's loss was due to her underfinanced campaign and because the black community has been ill-prepared for political battle since the election of Harold Washington.

April 2011