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Master of Science in Instruction: Elementary Language Arts Education

College of Education


Name:    Steven Wolk, Advisor
Phone: (773) 442-5397
Link: Department Website


The current Master of Science in Instruction: Language Arts program is designed to offer professional development to classroom teachers who are interested in updating and refining their teaching competencies in the area of Language Arts at the elementary level.*

*Please note that the current Master of Science in Instruction: Language Arts is under revision. The new program, Master of Science in Teaching and Inquiry: Elementary will have a pre-set course sequence that will be 5 terms in length requiring completion of 31 credit hours. Each term students take one required core course and one elective course from an extensive list of possible classes that lead to Bilingual/ ESL or Early Childhood endorsement. It is anticipated that this program will be initiated in Fall 2013.

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Throughout the program there is an emphasis on developing and implementing Language Arts curricula.


If you would like to earn a Master of Science in Instruction degree and have the flexibility in course selection please come join us.