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Master of the Arts in Special Education (LBS I)

College of Education


Name: Phyllis Le Dosquet
Phone: (773)442-5591
Link: Department Website


The Department of Special Education prepares reflective professionals whose goal is to transform the lives of individuals with exceptionality. Our department is housed in the College of Education, which is accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Colleges of Education (NCATE), the premier accrediting body approved by the U.S. Department of Education. The Learning Behavior Specialist-I is an initial certification program  in special education at the K-12 grade level It is aligned with the standards and code of ethics set forth by the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC). Our teacher candidates work in a wide variety of educational settings throughout the greater Chicago metropolitan area. In order for candidates to be eligible to enter the LBS I program, they must provide evidence of having passed the Test of Academic Proficiency (TAP), or former Illinois Test of Basic Skills, if not older than five (5) years. Candidates may substitute the ACT or SAT for the TAP, but only in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the Illinois Board of Education.

Is this for me?

This program is for you if you want to be a special educator who is well prepared to teach children with exceptional needs and are deeply committed to creating, supporting, and facilitating meaningful learning opportunities for these individuals.


The U.S. Department of Education has listed LBS I as a designated teacher shortage area for over six straight years. The special education teacher is one of the fastest growing occupations in the state of Illinois.