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Master of Science in Chemistry

College of Arts and Sciences


Name: Veronica Curtis-Palmer
Phone: (773)442-5683
Link: Department Website


The Master of Science in Chemistry program provides graduate education for students planning careers in industry, business and teaching or those planning additional graduate work or professional studies. Two options in the program are available, the Separation Science emphasis, and the traditional General Program emphasis.

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The Separation Science emphasis, the first of its kind in the Chicago area, is designed to train chemists for the largest subset of industrial analytical chemistry known as separation science. Highlighted in this emphasis are the studies of and research in gas and liquid chromatography and related technologies. Those planning careers in the pharmaceutical industry will be well prepared by completing this emphasis in their master's degree program.

The General Program emphasis is a more broadly based program of study, well suited for teachers as well as students intending to enter professional schools or to continue graduate work in chemistry.


The graduate program emphasis in separation science is well established and recognized in the pharmaceutical community.  Graduates from this program are known to be well trained in developing and validating stability-indicating methods, used to determine active ingredient(s), impurities and degrade in pharmaceutical raw materials and drug products.  The additional of a medicinal chemist to the tenture-line faculty in fall of 2012 will broaden this program to include synthesis of organic chemicals with medicinal applications.