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Master of Arts in History

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Name: Francesca Morgan
Phone: (773)442-5609
Link: Department Website


The Department of History is committed to providing all students with a historical perspective in its graduate courses so they can better understand the present and can look to the future with knowledge of the past. The department offers a comprehensive range of courses that explore human history at all times and places. The acquisition of historical skills can prepare students for a wide range of careers.

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This program is designed to serve all who desire a more sophisticated understanding of history. This program provides graduate students with (1) an understanding of history as a mode of inquiry, (2) in-depth exposure to at least two different historical fields, (3) a grounding in historical research methods, and (4) an introduction to the art of historical interpretation.


Aside from careers in teaching, graduates can find employment in the field of public history (in museums, historical societies, and archives of all sorts). Graduates can also find employment in public and private sector jobs that emphasize research and writing skills (in state and federal departments and in such private sector areas as market research).