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Diana Guelespe

Diana Guelespe earned her Bachelor's Degree in Anthropology from NEIU in May 2000. In December of 2003, she earned her Master's in Political Science at NEIU with an emphasis on International and Comparative Politics. Guelespe decided to go on for a Ph.D., and was the recipient of the Brommel Doctoral Scholarship.

Diana remarked, “When I first learned of the Brommel scholarship, I was surprised that NEIU awarded scholarships for their alum to study in other universities. I applied for the Brommel scholarship during a time when there were many spending cuts in education and scholarships. The lack of funding, among other things, was particularly stressful as I entered the program. 

"Receiving the Brommel scholarship was like a vote of confidence. It felt great to receive this support and made me feel proud to be a NEIU alum. It also made it possible for me to receive other types of scholarships later in the program. I’m very grateful to Dr. Brommel, NEIU and the donors who made it possible for me to continue my studies.”

Guelespe continues to make progress towards her Ph.D. and hopes to defend her dissertation in December 2012. She was invited back to NEIU this year to teach a course on "Immigration, Ethnicity and Citizenship."

Elizabeth Cervantes

Elizabeth Cervantes is a 2011 Kane Scholarship Recipient and Sociology Major at NEIU. Cervantes commutes an hour-and-a-half each way to attend classes. She works 30-40 hours a week to afford her tuition, while maintaining a 3.8 Grade Point Average. Cervantes commented, "I'm so grateful for this scholarship. I will not forget the help I was given, and this gift will not stop with me because somewhere in the future I will give back to others. The challenge of pursuing my education has made me stronger and now I feel like I can do anything—like I’m unstoppable."

Jessica Mamola

Jessica Mamola, student, College of Education, was the first recipient of the Dr. Olga Kaszubowski Memorial Scholarship. "This scholarship meant so much to me and to my family. Being able to focus on my studies without worrying about financial pressures has been a great experience for me. I lost my father at a young age, and since then, finances have always been an issue for my family. I was so relieved to see some of the pressure lifted from my mom and my grandparents. I'm very proud to be the first recipient of the Kaszubowski scholarship, and to follow in Olga's footsteps by becoming an educator who will give back to my community." Mamola recently completed on her senior honor's thesis, which will explore the impact of text messaging on childhood literacy among 3rd grade Chicago Public School students.

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