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Learn about our master's degrees and post-baccalaureate licensures and endorsements. We offer programs in business, education, liberal and fine arts, and physical and social sciences.

Master's Degree Programs in the College of Arts and Sciences

1. MS Biology
2. MS Chemistry
3. MA Communication, Media & Theatre
4. MS Computer Science
5. MA English – Composition Concentration
6. MA English – Literature Concentration
7. MA Geography and Environmental Studies
8. MA Gerontology
9. MA History
10. MA Latin American Literatures and Cultures
11. MA Linguistics
12. MA Political Science
13. MA Music – Applied Music Pedagogy
14. MS Mathematics – Applied Mathematics
15. MS Mathematics – Secondary Education Mathematics
16. MA Pedagogical Content Knowledge for Teaching Elementary and Middle School Mathematics
17. MA Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language TESL/TEFL

Dual Master's Degree Programs
1. MS Biology with Teaching Certificate
2. MA English with Teaching Certificate
3. MA History with Teaching Certificate
4. MS Mathematics with Teaching Certificate
5. MA Latin American Literatures and Cultures with Teaching Certificate
6. MA Music with Teaching Certificate

Master's Degree Programs in the College of Business and Management
1. MSA Master of Science in Accounting
2. MBA Master of Business Administration

Master's Degree Programs in the College of Education
1. MA Counseling – Clinical Mental Health Counseling
2. MA Counseling – Family
3. MA Counseling – Rehabilitation
4. MA Counseling – School
5. MS Exercise Science
6. MA Gifted Education
7. MA Human Resource Development
8. MA Inner City Studies Education
9. MS Instruction Bicultural/Bilingual Education (MSI)
10. MS Instruction Language Arts – Secondary Education (MSI)
11. MA Literacy Education
12. MA School Leadership
13. MA Special Education LBS I Initial Certification
14. MS Special Education LBS II
15. MA Teaching Bicultural/Bilingual Education (MAT)
16. MA Teaching Early Childhood Education (MAT)
17. MA Teaching Elementary and Middle School (MAT)
18. MA Teaching Language Arts – Secondary Education (MAT)
19. MS Teaching and Inquiry (MSTI)

Non-degree Programs

Certificates and Endorsements in Arts and Sciences
1. ESL Certificate
2. Geographic Information Systems Certificate
3. Gerontology Certificate 

Non-degree Programs in Education 
1. Early Childhood Education FOCUS Program
2. Elementary Education FOCUS Program
3. LBS I – Learning Behavior Specialist FOCUS Program
4. LBS II – Behavior Intervention Specialist (BIS)
5. LBS II – Curriculum Adaptation Specialist (CAS)
6. LBS II – Learning Behavior Specialist Dual Endorsement (BIS/CAS)
7. Reading Teacher Endorsement – Elementary Level
8. Reading Teacher Endorsement – Secondary Level
9. Secondary Education FOCUS Program
10. Teaching Licensure Program (TLP) – For Initial Illinois Teaching License
      •  Elementary Education – K-8
      •  ​Secondary Education – grades 9-12 (Biology, English, Health, History, Math)
      •  K-12 Education –  (Art, Phys Ed, Music,Spanish)

Graduate Studies

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